Twitter Referrals

Mainnet Countdown

Reward pot is 10200 $BART ! ...split equally

How to win

2. Tag as many friends as you like (As a result at least three of your tagged must begin following BarterTrade, for your participation to be eligible).

4. Use hashtags #BarterTrade #MainnetSoon.

3. Fill in the FORM here: LINK

Eligibility & Rules

2. Make sure to fill in all the required fields of the form.

3. This event will CLOSE in 1 week, on November 14th (noon UTC).

BarterTrade has hit every target thus far and delivered on every promise. The excitement we share is not ours alone. It’s yours too and we feel that being expressed by our loyal community, more so every day! What excites us most is that we managed to highlight the vast utility of what we’re continuously building above any speculation and all else. We continue to build for you, and we thank you for your undying loyalty and support.

The BarterTrade Team

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