Twitter Countdown Contest

BarterTrade is very excited to invite our Twitter community to participate in the Mainnet Countdown.

The goal is to proliferate awareness around the product suite, and grow BarterTrade’s loyal user base leading up to mainnet launch.️ For this we rely on you to help.

Rewards & Duration

Total prizes = 100k $BART!

— The contest begins Today, on November 4th (noon UTC) & ends on November 25th (noon UTC).

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Contest Rules

1. Follow BarterTrade’s Twitter handle (@BarterTradeio) and join the official Telegram Community.

2. Sign up to our testnet exchange at

3. Like the Campaign Tweet here: LINK

4. Tweet UNIQUE statements about BarterTrade. These tweets should be about something specific that excites you with regard to BarterTrade’s roadmap product suite. The contest will be judged by tweet frequency, quantity and quality.

5. ❗ Use hashtags #BarterTradeLaunch AND #BarterTrade.

6. ❗ Mention @BarterTradeio in your tweet reply.

7. Tag 3 friends in every tweet.

8. The BarterTrade team will select 10 winners based on unique tweets that managed to highlight the utility of a specific product, while capturing the attention of the wider community.

9. Rewards will be split equally.

10. Use this GOOGLE FORM to be eligible to compete: LINK


— To be eligible, you must complete ALL the steps provided above,

— Applicants must be registered on BarterTrade Exchange, at

— This activity must be completed within the stipulated participation period.


— BarterTrade Team will make the final judgment on selecting winners. The contest will be judged by tweet frequency, quantity and quality.

— Rewards will be deposited into individual exchange wallets (of usernames tweeted) post-mainnet launch.

Good luck & have fun!

The BarterTrade Team


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