Time moved and with it the way humans trade on exchanges. Sneaking in our past, the only form of exchange we used for trade was the Barter System. People used to exchange goods with no monetary transaction. However, the changes today brought us to another world, the web world. Each time a new version of Exchange Server is launched, users and experts welcome it warmly with great curiosity and zeal. Version after version, Exchange gradually evolved and matured.

Naturally, with the emergence of a new market meant new opportunities people have always loved to speculate. There are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges available to trade on. Based on their type of operation, we classify them into TRADITIONAL EXCHANGE AND MODERN EXCHANGE. Let us have a closer look at both and find how time traveled and change the way we use exchanges for trading!

What is a Traditional Exchange?

In traditional exchange, that there is a single point which does all the work involved in any given operation. In short, they are backed by legitimate companies to turn a profit that are expected. As a part of their valuation, they involve physical assets to determine whether a stock/good is valued correctly on market price using math.

What is Modern Exchange?

Moderns exchanges are decentralized exchanges that is not operated by a central party. In other words, unlike their counterparts, their platform does not need all the information to go through a single point. Instead, it is more like a peer-to-peer network where many points connect. These exchanges offer privacy and control over the assets by taking power away from market makers and leaders like banks, lawyers, and brokers. They also operate with the help of smart contracts. These modern platforms are increasingly trying to improve the on and off-ramps to the world of fiat, and to integrate more products that enable users to have all their needs under one roof.

Picking the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for your specific needs may be a difficult and time-consuming process. The exchange that has placed emphasis on efficiency, transparency and security is Barter Trade. It is one of the advanced trading platforms that is designed to provide its users with a new and improved service that enforces the notion of financial freedom. Barter Trade is an ultimate source for digital assets with smart and innovative exchange functionalities to allow users to buy and sell digital assets. Let us walk through the cutting-edge technology of this fast, secure and intuitive platform:

Algo Trading: Allow users to customize their bots according to their trading indicators through a simple and easy to use interface (i.e. without coding anything).

Social Trading: Consists of Copy trading, news feed and social earning, where you can easily trade just by copying a fellow trader from the leader board.

Barter Marketplace: Allows users to do a direct exchange of Cryptocurrencies between two individuals as well without the need to depend on any central authority

Battlegrounds: A competitive and entertaining way play and compete while you trade crypto assets at algo, spot and derivatives markets and win exciting prizes

There are many more advantages of our revolutionary platform. Know more at


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