Dear BarterTrade community,

Please find herein the details with regard to progress, expectations and two parallel trading competitions.

Claim token balance

Users who sign up and press ‘Deposit’ in the ‘BALANCES’ tab will be credited 1BTC and 5000USDT respectively. Devs will manually credit accounts TWICE every 24 hours at 4:30am UTC & 13:30 UTC.

Remember THIS IS A TEST PHASE, we have a BUG BOUNTY running in parallel. So far the submissions have been very helpful. We appreciate everyone's participation and patience as we prepare our exchange for mainnet launch.

To report a bug please use this FORM.

Trading competitions

Two trading competitions will commence on Monday, September 28ᵀᴴ at 14:00 UTC, to give all current user accounts the chance to be credited with test tokens before then. Both competitions will end on Friday October 2ᴺᴰ, at 14:00 UTC.

Exchange LINK:

The trading pair to be used for both competitions is BTC/USDT only!

1. P&L Competition

Total Prize Pot: 18,000 $BART

Once this competition is concluded, users with the highest profits will be rewarded.

Reward Structure:

1st place 9,000 $BART2nd place 6,000 $BART3rd place 3,000 $BART

2. Volume Competition

Total Prize Pot: 20,000 $BART

This will run for the full duration of the aforementioned trading competition. Users who accumulate the highest trading volume over this time will be rewarded.

Reward Structure:

The reward for this competition will be split pro rata among all users who manage over 25 BTC trading volume within the above-mentioned competition time. Limit Orders will be prioritised when splitting rewards.

What’s Next?

Development continues relentlessly in the background. With daily patch updates being implemented. The underlying main build has been prioritised to provide complete efficiency and trading confidence upon launch. The goal of these trading competitions remains to gather feedback and bug reporting from the community. We have a live BUG BOUNTY running in parallel so please continue to provide your valuable feedback using this hyperlinked FORM. We will update the community on a regular basis with regard to development progress. The feedback has been great, keep it coming.

Note, the version you are trading on is NOT our mainnet UI, as has been showcased through sneak peaks, across various social media.

Thanking you for your ongoing support,

BarterTrade Team


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