The Bart Squad VIP Program

Dear BART Squad,

We are excited to introduce our Bart Squad VIP Community, a new loyalty program that’ll enable us to bootstrap the Barter Trade ecosystem as we move towards the operational launch of BarterTrade’s exchange in September.

One of the objectives of this program is to experiment with a portion of our community on how to implement our DAO governance system which is contingent to the long term sustainability of the BarterTrade Ecosystem.

The Bart Squad is a VIP Community responsible for a certain level of governance through the staking of BART tokens and will be entitled to exchange and ecosystem growth privileges.


  1. Synthesize a loyal community behind the Barter Trade brand.

Conditions for Access to The BART Squad

1: Must be a member/follower of all social media channels and tweet regularly to Barter Trade.
2: Hold a minimum of 5,000 BART tokens on Metamask wallet (Limited to the first 50 people who join. Requirements may change based on community Bart Squad Votes).
3: These conditions will be verified on-chain during the rewards, airdrops distribution period and any violators will be disqualified.
4: Must be willing to build and extend the Barter Trade Partner Network.
5: Must participate in governance and voting.

VIP Terms & Benefits

1. Access to The BART Squad Private group.
2. Access to Barter Trade’s Partner/Associates Network.
3. Periodic rewards, airdrops, swag incentives, perks and eligibility for ambassadorial status depending on individual project representation, marketing and other brand promotion.
4. Awards in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) collectibles for holders and contributors to the ecosystem (NFTs will be tradable on a liquid market). These NFTs are intrinsically scarce. Barter Trade’s Partner/Associates Network would be able to identify NFT holders using Etherscan, and subsequently airdrop digital assets to wallets holding these.
5. Access to BarterTrade’s upcoming telegram BOT

Features include:

  • Tipping

We expect a lot more features to be included in the future and the bot will eventually turn into an AI-driven DeFi Hedge fund powered by Flourishing AI.

6. A portion of allocation from the DeFistaking pool (25% APR) to BART Squad members.
. 3–5% monthly BART ROI as rewards for staking in our Uniswap Liquidity pool (Terms and conditions and exact % of liquidity staking will be announced in the next 2 days).
8. Staked tokens during participating in voting will be burned, and each voter’s reputation score will be increased within the Bart Squad.
9. Access to higher tiers and even earning from trading fees.
10. Access to exclusive bug bounties and marketing promotional opportunities.
11. First access to the BarterTrade platform before Launch.

How to join the VIP Program

  1. Fill this form


1: Only add liquidity to stake on Uniswap if you are familiar with the process and the potential risks involved.

Barter Trade and its affiliates will not be held responsible for any loss incurred as a result of third party or externally developed (de)centralized applications, occurring off the Barter Trade platform.

2: The perks, terms, conditions and rules of the VIP group may change in the future depending on how it works, experience we get and the feedback we receive from the Members


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