Swap $BRTX to $BART

Add $BRTX to your Wallet (Pre-sale buyers)

$BRTX Contract: 0x90598BE3A9123b7c0AA02e793E0235c0E59E5Bc6

Ticker: BRTX

Decimals: 18

Swap $BRTX to $BART

1: Visit the link: http://swap.bartertrade.io/

2: Click on the “Swap Guide” on the top right corner of the above link and follow the instructions carefully to complete the swap.

Important Notes

  1. If you face any issues or don’t know how to Transfer $BRTX or add your Private key/json/Seed phrase from other wallets to Metamask then contact our admins in Telegram and they will guide you through the process.

Thanking you,

The BarterTrade Team

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