— Mainnet Countdown ⌛️

While we await the launch of our Mainnet, we announce the BarterTrade GO-LIVE Sticker/GIF Contest, running from October 26ᵗʰ (noon UTC) to November 1ˢᵗ (noon UTC) 2020.

Prize structure:

In total 21000 $BART Tokens will be rewarded to the winners.

· Top 10 stickers Pot: 8400 $BART

· Runner up 5 stickers Pot: 2100 $BART

· Top 5 GIFs Pot: 10,500 $BART

Contest Instructions

1. Ensure you understand BarterTrade, the community and the ethos. DYOR. Helpful places to start:





2. All contestants must be:

Members of our main Telegram community and

Follow our Twitter handle @bartertradeio

3. Create your own Sticker/GIF, which is related to BarterTrade.

4. Use the BarterTrade logo.

5. Reply to the Campaign Tweet (Link: https://twitter.com/bartertradeio/status/1319927944769376256?s=21) with your sticker/GIF and tag 3 friends. Take a screenshot. Upload it to the provided form in step 7.

Use the @bartertradeio handle in your tweet.

Hashtag #BarterTradeLaunch.

6. Share your sticker/GIF in our dedicated Telegram group and provide a short answer on why you are interested in BarterTrade. Take a screenshot. Upload it to the provided form in step 7.

7. All submissions must be made through the SUBMISSION FORM.

8. Submit your stickers, GIFs to the dedicated telegram group. We will select GIFs and stickers to vote on winners.

Create a quality, unique, original sticker or GIFs with respect to BarterTrade Mainnet Launch.


1. Stickers/GIFs containing any profanity, NSFW/NSFL content, will NOT be considered or eligible to compete.

2. You can choose to join the Sticker Contest OR the GIF Contest (OR both).

3. Each entrant is limited to two submissions per category. (Two stickers and two GIFs). If this limit is exceeded, BarterTrade will only consider the first 2 submissions as eligible to compete.

4. After the submission period ends on November 1ˢᵗ (noon UTC) 2020, we will REVIEW the content and prepare for voting.

5. Contestants agree that any sticker/GIF submitted would remain the property of BarterTrade, to be used at will.


The BarterTrade Team may disqualify entries if the entry includes inappropriate, offensive, or other derogatory language or information. The team reserves the right to disqualify any entry or related tag which, in its sole opinion infringes on or violates the intellectual property rights of any third parties.

May the most creative win!


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