Sept 27ᵗʰ — Minor Test Release v1.2

(Patch Updates)

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BarterTrade developers work around the clock to prioritise the main build. In the interim, many of the smaller bug fixes have already been patched while devs continue to move through the Bug Bounty Submission Form .

As the BarterTrade CTO, I have informed the team that the devs are aiming for a major release v2.0 around Oct 10ᵗʰ, which will include major bug fixes, a fee schedule and a referral program, among other updates.

Details of test release v1.2 and the respective patches:

  • FIXED — Order Process backend formula corrected (25% and 75%),
  • FIXED — LIMIT Orders,
  • FIXED Transaction failed pop up,
  • FIXED — Signup button on the main home page,
  • FIXED — Verification email,
  • FIXED — Links (verification, password reset etc),
  • FIXED — Signup verification email now leads to a secure https URL,
  • FIXED — Sending address of verification email,
  • FIXED — 2FA popup,
  • FIXED — Password, special character restriction,
  • FIXED —Links and wording on the terms condition page,
  • FIXED — BRT price updated,
  • FIXED — All user wallets created before September 20ᵗʰ have been cleared,
  • FIXED — Deposit of 1 BTC and 5000 USDT given to all users who registered between Sept 20ᵗʰ to Sept 26ᵗʰ,
  • FIXED — Future Reports dummy design removed for now. We will have real-time dashboards in future releases,
  • FIXED — Tokens activated: BTC, USDT, BRT.

Note: Tokens to newer users will be issued twice daily at 4:30am UTC and 13:30 UTC and users trading metrics will be captured daily at 13:30 UTC.

We will continue to keep the community up to date with progress and developments. Our sincerest gratitude for your ongoing support and loyalty. We’re excited to share this journey with you and promise to deliver nothing less than we’ve continuously said we would.

Thanking you,

Priti Upadhyay (CTO, BarterTrade)


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