Monthly Report for July 2020

Dear Community,

The month of July brought great things for us at BarterTrade. We completed our pre-sale, set up brand new partnerships, launched our marketing campaign, grew our Telegram community from 300 to 2000 amazing people, and set up our in-house team.

As part of our commitment to transparency and community, we offer a quick recap of our month of July:

According to the Roadmap, our pre-sale and public-sale were planned in Q2 and Q3 respectively. Here are a few facts about the pre-sale:

  • We have sold 48,000,000 BART and successfully raised $750,000.
  • Almost 671 holders took part in the sale.
  • On average, every holder bought 71,535 BART.
  • A bonus round was also included in which we raised around $200,000. It lasted 1 hour 33 minutes before selling out.

We are happy to announce that our public sale will be happening on August 14, 2020. For more details on public sale —

  • We got mentioned in NewsBTC, Coinspeaker, Blockonomi, BTCManager, and CryptoPotato.
  • The project was picked up and highlighted by a number of Telegram and Twitter influencers. These include:
  • CryptoDaku: 14k members
  • TGH: 3k members
  • Facemelters: 2.2k members
  • DomsCrypto: 16k Youtube subscribers
  • LilmoonLambo: Twitter 45k, Telegram 4k
  • Our Telegram community grew from 300 to 2000 members
  • Our Twitter community grew from 600 to 6000 followers.
  • A total of 671 BART token holders took part in the pre-sale
  • Official BART stickers pack for telegram now available
  • Garlam Won came on as our new marketing lead and brought in a wealth of experience into our project.
  • William Perone and Eric Gonzalez from Flourishing Capital AI joined our advisory Board.
  • We also set up an in-house development team.

We are pleased to announce multiple partnerships with the, Flourishing Capital, Phoenix DAO, PAMP Network, Metrix, Medium Network and Rapids

The benefits of these partnerships:

  • Strategic Partnership with Flourishing Capital: Our Algo trading is now being powered by Flourishing Capital’s AI which makes investing simple and smart by driving higher risk-adjusted returns via automatic, real-time market conditions based on portfolio optimization, putting you on the same level as professional investors.
  • Strategic Partnership with Ferrum.Network: Our partnership with will allow us to work together on a number of future integrations. These will include cross-listings and utilizing the Ferrum ecosystem wherever possible to provide our users, as well as BART holders, with various DeFi Products.
  • Strategic Partnership with PhoenixDao: We recently partnered with PhoenixDAO. PHNX joined our first batch of tokens to be traded on BarterTrade upon launch. The PhoenixDAO protocol suite will also be used in our ecosystem wherever applicable.
  • Listing Partnership with PAMP Network.
  • Listing Partnership with Tellor.
  • Listing Partnership with Metrix.
  • Listing Partnership with Meridian.
  • Listing Partnership with Rapids.
  • Complete code setup on new servers and internal Audits are ongoing to fine-tune our current system.
  • Exchange Server setup is also in process.
  • Integration of Swapping UI and Migration contract for BRTX — BART swapping.
  • Public-Sale to be held on August 14, 2020.
  • Listing of BART on Uniswap and a couple of other exchanges
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • BART Staking
  • Marketing Campaign

A Note To The Community:

We want to inform our users about a number of Imposters who are trying to scam people during our sale. We would also like to advise that our admins will never Pm/Dm anyone first. Before replying, please make sure that the sender has an admin tag in our telegram channel @bartertradeofficial. Furthermore, our verified admins on telegram are @ManmeetBT @FzBRT and @MannyMcoy.

We will provide more information over the next few weeks until our August letter. In the meantime, connect to us here:

WebsiteTelegramTelegram ANN TwitterLinkedIn

Yours truly,

The BarterTrade team


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