Monthly Report for July 2020

Dear Community,

The month of July brought great things for us at BarterTrade. We completed our pre-sale, set up brand new partnerships, launched our marketing campaign, grew our Telegram community from 300 to 2000 amazing people, and set up our in-house team.

As part of our commitment to transparency and community, we offer a quick recap of our month of July:

Token Sale

According to the Roadmap, our pre-sale and public-sale were planned in Q2 and Q3 respectively. Here are a few facts about the pre-sale:

We are happy to announce that our public sale will be happening on August 14, 2020. For more details on public sale —

Marketing growth

Community updates

Team Updates

Development Updates

New Partners & Associates

We are pleased to announce multiple partnerships with the, Flourishing Capital, Phoenix DAO, PAMP Network, Metrix, Medium Network and Rapids

The benefits of these partnerships:


A Note To The Community:

We want to inform our users about a number of Imposters who are trying to scam people during our sale. We would also like to advise that our admins will never Pm/Dm anyone first. Before replying, please make sure that the sender has an admin tag in our telegram channel @bartertradeofficial. Furthermore, our verified admins on telegram are @ManmeetBT @FzBRT and @MannyMcoy.

We will provide more information over the next few weeks until our August letter. In the meantime, connect to us here:

WebsiteTelegramTelegram ANN TwitterLinkedIn

Yours truly,

The BarterTrade team


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