Major Test Release v2.0

Dear BarterTrade Community,

Step by step

As the first half of BarterTrade’s Test Phase is scheduled to end on Wednesday Oct 7th, here’s what to expect in the coming days.

Waving goodbye to Bugs

On Wednesday Oct 7th, devs will soon close this phase of the Bug Bounty and any parallel activities. The platform will remain live for registrations, however during this time users can expect certain sporadic downtime while devs work to address the accumulated valuable feedback from the community. Many helpful submissions were provided, including suggestions, bug fixes and general observations. Upon MAIN launch (expected later this month), Bug Bounty payouts will be credited directly to BarterTrade user accounts. BarterTrade devs are using the feedback gained to build a cleaner more robust user friendly version for the users.


BarterTrade registrations have grown consistently since Test launch and we are humbled by the amount of interest in the product ecosystem this early in the projects roadmap. To give an idea, only 10 days into the test phase, we already had 600 unique users trading and reporting feedback.

Major Test Release v2.0

V2.0 is expected to include noticeable major bug fixes, a fee schedule and a referral program, among other updates as per the bug bounty.

“On October 18th, developers will begin to unpack and prepare Major Test Release v2.0”.

We will continue to keep the community up to date with progress and developments. BarterTrade teams are working hard to deliver in the background. Our sincerest gratitude for your ongoing support and loyalty. We’re excited to share this journey with you and promise to deliver nothing less than we’ve continuously said we would.

Thanking you,

The BarterTrade Team


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