BarterTrade’s native (ERC20) token BART has been deployed

2 min readAug 1, 2020


Hello BART Squad,

Today, on Aug-01–2020 01:16:06 AM +UTC BARTertrade Token smart contract was deployed on the Ethereum chain as our TGE took place. This has laid down the foundation stone of our ecosystem and the things to come.

Our team at Barter Trade believe in complete transparency and want to give our community all the information we can so you are not kept in the dark.

This is one of those things where we’ll share every little detail like project token addresses so that you know exactly where those tokens are at and how they are being used. The details of the event are as follows.

Max supply: 240,000,000 BART (Total possible supply)
Total supply: 192,000,000 BART (Minted supply)

Out of the total supply of 240,000,000 BART, An allocation of 192,000,000 BART has been minted to define our Usage and Funding categories w.r.t to our token economics. Distribution is explained below.

Usage Distribution

Company Reserve: 72,000,000 BART (Locked, with a vesting period of 60 months)
Team Allocation: 28,800,000 BART (Locked, with a vesting period of 48 months)
Advisory Allocation: 10,800,000 BART (Locked, with a vesting period of 36 months)
Marketing: 37,200,000 BART (Locked, with a vesting period of 24 months)
Staking rewards, Bounty, Airdrops: 24,000,000 BART (No Lock-up)

Funding Distribution

Pre-Sale: 48,000,000 BART (These will be automatically minted when the Migration/Swap contract for BRTX to BART is deployed)
Public Sale: 19,200,000 BART (This allocation will be sold during the public sale event)


As per our Token Economics, all category tokens have been locked and vested. The same can be verified on Etherscan. Pre-sale allocation of 48,000,000 BART will be minted along with the swapping contract deployment. Once the Swapping is complete and all the BRTX have been swapped to BART our total supply will match our max supply of 240,000,000 BART.

This article summarizes our BART Token Generation Event. We will follow this with a couple of announcements over the course of next 2 days. Announcements will include complete details of the public sale (Finalized between 11th -15th August) and our expected Road-map for the month of august. Stay Tuned!!!