BarterTrade Public Sale —14th August 2020

Hello BART Squad,

We know everyone has been waiting to hear the news about the public sale and we are happy to announce that it will be happening on Aug 14th!

  • First, we would like to start by thanking our community for their overwhelming support during the pre-sale.
  • Second, we spent the past week analyzing what the best option would be to make this public sale a success. After assessing all the options, we believe that this structure is the most ideal option for our public sale.

Sales Allocation: 19,200,000 BART
Price: 0.025$
Ticker: BART

  • Aug 14 — Public sales for our BART tokens will start.
  • 19,200,000 BART — Total number of Bart to be sold during the event.
  • $0.025 — Price of each BART token

Token Sales Format

  • Public Sale will be executed in 2 rounds, which will take place on two different platforms.
  • Allocation for both platforms will be split into 50–50 from the total available allocation (9.6m + 9.6m = 19.2m BART).
  • Round 1 will take place on the BarterTrade Dex portal in the form of ETH-BART Swaps. A total of 9,600,000 BART will be sold.
  • Round 2 will take place on Uniswap. This will be done by listing BART on Uniswap.
  • Round 2 will start immediately after 9.6m BART tokens on our Dex are sold out.

Brief Round-Up of the sale

Total Sales Allocation: 19,200,000 BART
Price: 0.025$
Dex Allocation: 9,600,000 BART
Uniswap Allocation: 9,600,000 BART

Swapping of BRTX to BART

  • Swapping of BRTX to BART will start during the 2nd round of the sale i.e. during the Uniswap sale.
  • We will deploy the swapping contract when approximately half of the supply on Uniswap is sold out.
  • The swap will take place on our Dex in the form of BRTX-BART.
  • Complete information with the step-by-step image guide will be released a few days before the sale starts.


The public sale on Aug 14 will be split into 2 rounds. First-round will be executed on BarterTrade Dex, followed by a second round on Uniswap. Total Allocation for public sale will be split into 2 equal portions of 9.6m each distributed on Dex and Uniswap respectively.

During the sale at Uniswap (approximately halfway through), swapping for BRTX to BART will be enabled allowing Pre-sale buyers to swap their tokens. The complete guide of this process will be posted next week. Thanks.

If you need more clarification we are always available in our telegram channel to answer your questions. Also join our announcement page to make sure you have the latest updates about the upcoming public sale on Aug 14!