BarterTrade Official Test Launch


As many know, BarterTrade will launch its public test phase tomorrow, on September 20th at 18:30 UTC. We have been working toward this milestone for a long time, and feel privileged to already have captured the interest of so many. As things stand we’re confident of all aspects, our robust product, our strong team and our loyal community. We feel there is no better time to launch than now. What excites us most is that we finally get to share what we’ve been building behind closed doors.

Our aim has always been to be community led, which is why we value your feedback above all. We will continue to listen and continue to build for you.

What we hope to test.

While we have had various public beta tests in the past, now it’s crunch time and we’re looking for all sorts of feedback directly from the community. The aim of the exchange is to be user friendly for all levels of traders, our objective is to have the utmost impenetrable security and an efficient order book process. We have already performed various audits in this regard and are confident in our product. We hope to share this sentiment with you.

Specific feedback may be related to

  1. Onboarding process,
  2. General bugs,
  3. Features/Charts/Order types,
  4. Security vulnerability heuristics,
  5. Notification settings,
  6. System lagging.

A link to the feedback form will be provided in the coming days with an announced Bounty Program.

In the backend we will be stress testing and mapping various performance analytics to fully understand our capabilities in an open environment. The metrics of these will be openly communicated, unless there is a security concern.

The test phase will be deemed complete when various dev teams are pleased with their review process. We will announce a mainnet launch date upon successful completion of the test phase. We anticipate that if all runs smoothly during the test phase, we can expedite the main launch within a week or 2.

What to expect from the test launch.

The signup process for the exchange will be easy for this test phase. Users will be on-boarded by creating accounts, and have access to our main product (Spot exchange). Our spot exchange is unique in that it has advanced order types (such as Pie Algorithm), a friendly user interface and a supreme matching engine running trades in the background. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this unparalleled trading experience.

Signup will be available at the time of launch. We will announce the specifics before launch in our Telegram Announcement Channel.

This is also a good opportunity to briefly discuss $BART. $BART is our platform utility token. It’s used primarily to interact with our product. $BART has a number of use cases on the exchange, some of which will be examined in detail in a follow up article. $BART can be acquired through trade as it is paired to all other available cryptocurrencies. Various giveaways and other opportunities are in the pipeline for $BART holders, particularly within our ecosystem.

This is only the beginning.

We see this as only the first step toward our mass scale mainnet launch. We’ve been here for years and will continue to grow indefinitely. This is the start, not only for BarterTrade spot exchange but for all other products to come, which you can read more about in section 3 of our whitepaper (Algo Trading, Social Trading, Gamification, MarketPlace, Mobile/Desktop Trading Applications, EazyPay and BaterTrade DEX).

We are privileged to have you on board this early, and are sure that the feeling is mutual.

Thanking you for your ongoing support,

The BarterTrade Team