Barter Trade Token Sale has Ended

Hello BART Squad,

We recently held our Public Sale and thanks to our vibrant community and all our supporters, it was a success. The 9.6m million BART tokens allocated for the sale on our DEX were sold out in just 20 seconds with $240K raised successfully. This comes just weeks after we had a successful pre-sale thanks to our supportive community.

This was followed by listing the token on Uniswap. A total of $480K worth of liquidity was added to the pool which now stands at $1m while the last 24h volume on our ETH-BART pair stands at $4.5m. A total of 1075 BART holder addresses in 1 day.

$BART Token Stat on Uniswap, Timestamp - 12:25pm UTC

We have taken some rest to get our heads straight after last few hectic days. We will roll out some announcements today, starting with this update, followed by a detailed medium article explaining the postmortem of our Public sale and the Events that occurred during that period. It was a tough situation for us but eventually it got sorted out.

Our next order of business is to work towards the roll-out of our Barter Trade platform. With the continued support of our community and the industry at large, we are confident that this will be achieved in due time. More updates will follow as this takes place.

Yours sincerely,
The BART Team.