Established in 2017, Barter Trade is a revolutionary yet powerful & multi-functional 21st trading platform that will bring cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets to global users through an efficiently designed and user-friendly trading interface under one roof. It consolidates a complete ecosystem for different cryptocurrencies and analytical tools in a single place where financial traders (both new comers and professional/institutions) can trade, gain experience, and share your trading strategies with efficiencies. It is one of the advanced trading platforms that is designed to provide its users with a new and improved service that enforces the notion of financial freedom.

Backed by highly skilled & extensive industry experience experts in both traditional and crypto markets, Barter Trade recognized the need for an innovative platform in the cryptocurrency realm. An innovative exchange with advanced functionalities and tools help everyone easy to understand the trading technology.

The three pillars of Barter Trade make the exchange strong, secured and safe through cutting edge technology.

Security : While choosing an exchange, trust matters. That’s why security has been and always will be our top priority to be considered at all levels of the exchange. Our platform is provided with an extensive smart contract audit and built with multiple layers of protection deploying the most reliable and effective technologies. These technologies make the user data, funds and transactions safe & secured all the time.

Transparency: While trading on exchange, transparency is key to trust, performance and success. Barter Trade follows the most critical practise for success and i.e. transparency. We strive to communicate openly to the public as well as open-source our code to all. Barter Trade reserves and quarterly buy back systems will be controlled and transparent, at all times. All trading volume will be real and unaltered.

Efficiency: We believe in the potential of blockchain to provide ground-breaking solutions across industries and beyond. Barter Trade is working with team in order to provide new, inventive and reliable technology so that the order books will be near instant and highly efficient in matching trades with a variety of unique cutting-edge order types offered, not traditionally seen in digital asset exchanges before.

The Barter Trade platform will house its own utility token as BRT. These tokens are not only beneficial in its own way but also unlock many important exchange features, thus extending a myriad of benefits to users on the platform.

  1. BRT can be used to pay for fees on the Barter Trade exchange platform.

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