đź“ŚBART public sale and BRTX Swap

Hello BART Squad,

Following our successful pre-sale and ahead of our public sale, we are offering a helpful guide to token swapping and overall participation in the sale. BarterTrade’s public sale will start on 14th August 2020 at 3:00 PM UTC and a total of 19.2m BART tokens will be sold during this event.

The sale will be equally split into 2 parts with 9.6m BART available at BarterTrade’s Dex and 9.6m BART available via Listing on Uniswap. Tokens will be listed at $0.025 on BarterTrade’s DEX as well as on Uniswap. BRTX to BART swap will be turned on once the allocation on our dex is sold out.

Public sale summary

Date: 14th August 2020
Time: 3:00 PM UTC
Total available supply: 19,200,000 BART
BarterTrade Dex allocation: 9,600,000 BART
Uniswap allocation: 9,600,000 BART

In light of this, please check out the detailed guide below for Swapping ETH-BART (For Public sale buyers) and BRTX-BART (For pre-sale buyers)

ETH-BART Swap Guide (Public sale)

In this section, we will walk you through the process of swapping ETH-BART on 14th August 2020 as well as Swapping BRTX-BART on our DEX.

Note: These guides will also be available on our Dex web-page where you will execute your transaction. The Link to the web-page will be posted on 13th August. These guides are provided to make everyone familiar with the process.

For Metamask users:

  • Click on “Connect Wallet”, Select Metamask, and approve a connection from Metamask.
  • Click on “Buy BART” and enter the amount you want to swap.
  • Click “Confirm” to proceed with your transaction.

For WalletConnect compatible wallets (TrustWallet):

  • Click on “Connect Wallet”, Select “Wallet Connect” and scan QR from your TrustWallet Mobile.
  • On your TrustWallet Mobile app, Go to Settings and select “WalletConnect”.
  • Scan Barcode and Approve connection from TrustWallet Mobile.
  • Once connected, click on “Buy BART” and “Confirm”, and Approve transaction from TrustWallet Mobile.
  • Disconnect your Wallet and Reconnect before making the next transaction.

For MEW wallet users(mobile app only):

  • Click on “Connect Wallet”, Select “MEW wallet” and scan QR from MEW Mobile.
  • On the MEW wallet mobile app, tap the QR icon on the top right-hand corner.
  • Scan Barcode and Approve connection from TrustWallet Mobile.
  • Once connected, click on “Buy BART” and “Confirm”, and Approve transaction from MEW Mobile.
  • Disconnect your Wallet and Reconnect before making the next transaction.

For buying using Sales Address:

  • Send ETH directly to the sales address mentioned on the main page from a non-custody wallet (MEW, Trust, Metamask. Do not send from an exchange).
  • Once your ETH is received in the sales address, the contract will automatically send tokens back to the same address.
  • Add the BART contract details to your wallet to show tokens in your wallet if they are not visible already.

Use these details to add BART contract in your Wallet:

  • BART Token address: 0x54c9ea2e9c9e8ed865db4a4ce6711c2a0d5063ba
  • Ticker: BART
  • Decimals: 18


Do not send Ethereum to the BART contract address or your assets will be lost. Either use the 3 connect wallet methods mentioned above or use the Sales address Method mentioned above.

BRTX to BART Swapping guide

Find below the link to our swapping guide with visual explanation. This is the universal procedure that should work on all of the listed wallets on our Dex. The below-mentioned process is for Metamask. The process of connecting wallets might be different w.r.t to different wallets but the rest of the process will remain the same. If there is any confusion, contact our admins on the telegram for assistance.

Check here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EivWEl4ELtZorCkCKaLim88LxzJSXV20uxqLmcfCXxg/edit?usp=sharing

Note: Above guide will also be available on the main web-page where the swapping will occur.

For Exmarkets Users, Withdrawals will open on 14th August at 5:00 PM UTC

NOTE: Use the following addresses to show your tokens in your wallet if these are not visible already:

  • BRTX Token address: 0x90598BE3A9123b7c0AA02e793E0235c0E59E5Bc6
    Ticker: BRTX
    Decimal: 18
  • BART Token Address: 0x54c9ea2e9c9e8ed865db4a4ce6711c2a0d5063ba
    Ticker: BART
    Decimal: 18

Important details about BRTX and its current circulating supply ( Read this till the end to understand it completely)

As part of our commitment to transparency and community. We would like to give some details about the total BRTX in circulation at the moment.

Total BRTX supply minted: 240,000,000 BRTX
BRTX Supply in company wallet post-pre-sale: 191,540,687 BRTX (burnt)
Burnt BRTX: 191,540,687
Transaction hash for Burnt tokens: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x865fc66864f5dbd39717ab4fb7a9bc52f9b46202ed5de61462a23bd38631f5cf

The above-mentioned tokens have been burnt so that no more BRTX can be swapped maliciously by either BarterTrade and its representative or in the worst-case scenario of a hack and can be added to the circulation and swapped for BART.

Scenario After the above Token BURN

Current total BRTX supply: 48,459,313 https://etherscan.io/token/0x90598BE3A9123b7c0AA02e793E0235c0E59E5Bc6

Inaccessible BRTX (mistakenly sent to contract by a user): 133,627 (See balance of the contract address here: https://etherscan.io/token/0x90598be3a9123b7c0aa02e793e0235c0e59e5bc6?a=0x90598be3a9123b7c0aa02e793e0235c0e59e5bc6)

Actual BRTX in circulation: 48,459,313-133,627 = 48,325,686

Exceeding supply in circulation scenario

BRTX in the market after the pre-sale (to be swapped): 48,325,686 BRTX
Tokens sold at Exmarkets: 836,845 BRTX
Total supply in the circulation: 48,325,686 BRTX + 836,845 BRTX = 49,162,531 BRTX
Total Supply that needs to be in circulation: 48,000,000 BRTX
Exceeding supply: 49,162,531 BRTX — 48,000,000 BRTX = 1,162,531 BRTX
Total tokens available in the market for swap: 49,162,531‬ BRTX — 836,845 BRTX (Exmarkets swap) = 48,325,686 BRTX

Exceeding supply After all the tokens have been swapped: 1,162,531 BRTX

Reasons for exceeding supply:

1: 4 people who registered on our exchange for testing purposes sent real ETH to the demo accounts and lost their crypto because of their mistakes. All of them were compensated in BRTX for the crypto we never received. Total estimated BRTX: 125,000

2: 2 people sent crypto to the wrong address while buying BRTX. Both of them either had their Metamasks hacked or spoofed with different addresses. We compensated them fully after verifying that they had really lost the crypto: Total estimated BRTX: 5,14,864

3: The remaining exceeding supply was distributed during a number of marketing campaigns. These include promotions, Giveaways, Rewards to the community for contributions, etc. Total estimated BRTX: 5,22,667

Important Note: Once the swapping is done and the migration contract is closed and all of the BRTX have been swapped to BART, This exceeding supply will be burned from the Bounty, Rewards, community incentives allocation to balance the supply according to our token metrics.

Thanks for reading this long article. We are very thankful for the support of our community thus far and we look forward to future projects and participation with our BART Squad. More details will be provided following the public sale.

Yours truly,

The BarterTrade Team.


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