$BART Community Burn

Free trading fees for a month


It feels like Mainnet is approaching faster than we can conceive. A stellar moment is on the brink of the horizon. The platform looks great, works perfectly and devs feeling all the more confident about it. BarterTrade will finally have the chance to share a product they can stand behind. The start of a long journey, which came from a vision which is still fully in tact.

$BART Deflationary Economy

$BART is an ecosystem utility token, it already has countless use cases, intertwined with every product in the product suite. This will only grow! The demand for $BART is expected to keep rising as the list of utilitarian aspects grows.

It’s important however to keep in mind that with increased demand, supply should be kept in check too. And $BART has always fully understood this underlying economic concept. From the projects side, every quarter, at least 15% of BarterTrade profits will be used to buy back and burn $BART until 50% of all $BART has been repurchased and destroyed, so that only 120m $BART remain.

Additionally, ongoing community utility incentives will be implemented for $BART holders to voluntarily burn tokens.

Logically the outcome is a deflationary economy with a decreased circulating supply, and an increased demand for $BART Utility through an amplified tokenomic effect.

Today BarterTrade announce the first $BART Community Burn. Rules for participation and eligibility to follow below.

How to Participate

1. Retweet the Community Burn Tweet.

2. Send exactly 3000 $BART to an irretrievable, burn address. For this you should send to the Ethereum Genesis Address: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

3. Copy the ‘Transaction Hash’ of your transaction and include it with other requested info in this Google Form (https://forms.gle/j4H7HYbsex2gavodA). Form will automatically close Nov 14th at 12:10 UTC.

4. If all info is correct, you will receive one month worth of FREE Trading, ZERO Fees on BarterTrade spot exchange, post-mainnet launch.


1. This event will close in 24 hours. in order to be eligible, the respective Transaction should be Timestamped before November 14th Noon UTC.

2. The transaction should be sent to the the correct Ethereum Genesis address mentioned above and should equal exactly 3000 $BART.

3. The period of free trading, zero fees for successful applicants will begin post-mainnet launch, at a time later indicated by BarterTrade.

**Bartertrade retains the rights to change terms and conditions or to limit the number of entries accepted.

Happy Burning,

The BarterTrade Team


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