$BART Bridge to Binance smart chain and Pancakeswap Listing

2 min readApr 18, 2021


Dear community,

We are excited to announce that BART has been listed on Pancakeswap. One of the most significant DeFi AMM protocols based on the Binance smart chain. This listing has been made possible by the easy-to-use bridge made available by TosDis finance. This move allows $BART to gain exposure from a broader range of community bases in the BSC network. See below for more details.

For further steps, make sure you read the guide on the TosDis App carefully before trying to do Transit to BSC for BART

— BART Contract details

  • Contract details of BART (ERC20 BART): 0x54c9ea2e9c9e8ed865db4a4ce6711c2a0d5063ba
  • Contract details for tBART (BSC $BART): 0x1bdf1ec9d5e2f6e0e6e95419bca0f65c8e6c26b3

As we all know, Ethereum network fees have been a real issue for quite some time now; this has resulted in pushing away many traders from trading on DeFi protocols based on Ethereum. Because of these arising issues, it has made way for innovations and protocols that provide an alternative to Uniswap. Pancakeswap is one such protocol. Pancakeswap is based on the Binance smart chain network, and hence it allows for fast and cheap transactions and trade settlements. Fees cost are under a dollar and allows for smooth, affordable, and quick trades. Pancakeswap recently surpassed Uniswap in daily trading volume. Seeing the popularity of Pancakeswap, we thought it was only logical to list BART on Pancakeswap and enter the world of interoperability.

The last few months have been a bumpy road for BarterTrade and its community, but the future is bright. We have had several developments and breakthroughs in the past month, which has added the required fuel to our engine and has set it running. We thank everyone in our community for standing by us. Much good is on your way. Thank you for your patience.

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