The BarterTrade team is excited to announce two updates that have been recently deployed: the launch of its long-awaited $BART fee module — which is one of BART’s token utility within the exchange, and the Referral system.

$BART Fee Module

With the Fee Module now operational, BarterTrade users can now use their BART…

Dear BarterTrade Users,

As a follow-up on the recommendations from the community to add new crypto assets, BarterTrade will list AGA Token and open trading for AGA/USDT trading pairs on June 16, 2021.

Deposits and Withdrawal: 14:00 UTC on June 16, 2021

Trading: 16:00 UTC on June 16, 2021


Dear Users,

BarterTrade listed the Ferrum network token $FRM on 18th May 2021 and trading pairs with USDT and ETH have already been enabled.

What’s more? You can trade $FRM token on BarterTrade with zero ($0) FEE for the next 2 weeks, yes! And no strings attached, simply deposit and start trading.

Head over to to start trading.

Don’t have an account on BarterTrade yet? Go to to create a new account and start trading.

Stay tuned for more exciting listing updates this week.

Be aware that cryptocurrency trading is susceptible to huge market dynamics and is considered high-risk investment activity. Hence, traders are strongly advised to cautiously engage in such activities. BarterTrade will not be responsible for any loss due to the trading of assets on the exchange.

For support, reach us on our various social platforms, Telegram and Twitter.

BarterTrade is pleased to announce that the Platform re-launch date is set in stone, and it will happen on May 6th, 2021.

The new platform comes with liquidity provisioning and Market maker support throughout the platform. Apart from this, the platform will have an automated KYC system integrated, allowing us…

Following a successful first staking round we’re excited to introduce our second round of staking starting from 1st April 2021 at 4 PM UTC.

This round is powered by the TosDis Permission-less and decentralized staking technology!

General Overview

First, it is pool based. Meaning it is a group activity with multiple contributors…

Platinum Collectible — Final NFT in Mainnet Edition

Mainnet Launch

BarterTrade’s Mainnet Launch is scheduled for December 7th, 2020, that’s in exactly 2 weeks!

Details with regard to the soft-launch of the mainnet will begin to roll out, in upcoming communication. Overall devs are very pleased with the backend performance, and the team has begun to test value transactions internally.

Metrix Coin

About Event

Today Metrix Coin will generously give away 250 USD worth of $MRX tokens to random successful applicants of this event. BarterTrade have matched that amount with an additional 250 USD worth of $BART tokens.

The event will conclude on Nov 21st, at noon UTC.

Details follow below.

Partnership Highlight

BarterTrade have formed…


Add $BRTX to your Wallet (Pre-sale buyers)

$BRTX Contract: 0x90598BE3A9123b7c0AA02e793E0235c0E59E5Bc6

Ticker: BRTX

Decimals: 18

Swap $BRTX to $BART

If you are still holding $BRTX from the Pre-Sale you will need to first SWAP your $BRTX for $BART by following the instructions below:

1: Visit the link:

2: Click on the “Swap Guide” on the top right corner of the above link and follow the instructions carefully to complete the swap.

Important Notes

  1. Only use Metamask wallet to perform the swap. Other wallets are experiencing issues migrating $BRTX to $BART. Although Trust and MEW are supported, they are reportedly not working properly.
  2. If you face any issues or don’t know how to Transfer $BRTX or add your Private key/json/Seed phrase from other wallets to Metamask then contact our admins in Telegram and they will guide you through the process.

Thanking you,

The BarterTrade Team



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