⚡️BarterTrade Meme Contest⚡️

Hello BART Squad,

Our upcoming Public Sale is fast-approaching and in anticipation of this exciting event, we’ve decided to give something back to the community. To do this, we will be tapping into the creative spirit of the BART Squad and holding a contest!

Barter Trade GIF/Meme Contest [Season 1]: 11th Aug. 2020 till 18th Aug. 2020

The contest involves community members creating cool memes and GIFs that are based on $BART. These memes and GIFs will help to promote Barter Trade, $BART Token, Barter Exchange concepts, Moon and Lambo memes, and in return, we will be offering some amazing rewards to the best entries.

Prizes are as follows:

The prizes will be paid out in $BART tokens and are as follows:

· 1st prize: $100
· 2nd prize: $50
· 3rd price: $30

Rules for the contest
There are a few rules to enter and participate, which are simple and straightforward:

1. Express your creativity.
2. Memes/Gif must not contain NSFW contents.
3. Post your creation on Twitter and tag @bartertradeio.
4. Fill this form with your details.
5. The most voted meme by the community wins.

May the best BART Memes win!

BONUS — The most viral MEME (500 likes + 500 retweets) gets a $500 reward ($250 in $BART and $250 on any choice asset listed on Barter Trade). All cheaters, bots and fake accounts will be banned from the contest.

We’re very excited about this contest and hope to see BART Squad members show off their creativity and skills with them. Make sure to follow all the rules to increase your chances of winning and share the word with friends and family. Good luck!

Yours truly,
The BarterTrade team

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